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What if you could lift sales an average of 32%? ISMAds deliver that boost by bringing the power of your advertising to the shelf edge.

The tipping point

Integrated Shopper Marketing Ads (ISMAds) bring your advertising to
a critical point of decision – the point where it's easiest to convince a
shopper to pick up a product and place it in the cart. That's why
ISMAds® are such an effective way to:

Dramatically increase sales. Independent 3rd party match panel
tests from Kantar Retail show ISMAds lift sales an average
of 32% – and as much as 61%!

Increase your impressions. Amplify your weekly circular messages
at the shelf to increase the number of people who see, and respond
to your campaign.

Deliver a higher ROI than traditional labels. ISMAds are more
cost-effective, right down to your bottom line.

Strong sales tools, easy distribution

Just as critical, an ISMAds program provides a holistic approach to
marketing that makes campaigns much easier to administer. Campaigns
are delivered to each store in planogram order – it couldn't be faster or
more cost-effective to implement.
So you can be sure to:

Maximize flexibility. Change your fully customized campaign as often
as weekly, with multiple SKU-specific messages to support your

Our Innovative digital print technology gets labels to the shelf fast and
supports virtually any campaign timing.

In a hurry? No problem. We can shorten those lead times. All we ask
is four weeks – or even less.

Connect your ads to the shelf edge with ISMAds and watch sales soar.

ism ads and cheerios

Odds are you have a pretty extensive external advertising program bringing shoppers to your store. But imagine how much more effective your advertising could be if it could be carried through right to the shelf edge. That's where Integrated Shopper Marketing Ads come in. ISMAds are unique in that the brand message is actually part of the retail price label. So it's always placed in its proper position on the shelf and compliance is virtually guaranteed.

Vestcom works with retailers, Consumer Packaged Goods companies, and Wine, Beer & Spirits suppliers to deliver a wide variety of successful in-store integrated marketing campaigns. Your ad, your campaign, your circular, your promotion – all are connected with maximum impact at the shelf edge.

Let us help create a success story for you
Leading national retailers and brands rely on ISMAds
to make their advertising initiatives pay off at the
shelf edge. ISMAds deliver creative and effective ways to:

Amplify brand messaging.

Support circular advertising.

Highlight cross-merchandising.

Introduce new items.

Increase center store sales.

Spotlight private label campaigns.

Spotlight cause-related marketing.

Drive shopper awareness. Drive higher sales.
Extend your advertising to the shelf. Call or email today to find out how we can help.

ISMAds help you maintain clean store policies while maintaining the highest level
of compliance – 90% and higher on every campaign.