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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most cost-effective way to print shelf labels —
in-house, in-store, or outsource?

Because every retail operation is different, we will be happy to
analyze your situation, compare and recommend the most cost-
effective alternative. A hybrid solution often provides the most
flexibility. In most cases, outsourcing is the least expensive way
to produce shelf labels, enabling the retailer to focus on core

With so many choices, which label stock is best suited for
my company's needs?

We can advise you on the stock that best fits your requirements.
Our 30-plus years of research, development and daily use of
adhesives has produced innovative solutions that work beauti-
fully even in challenging retail environments.

What is the turnaround time for Vestcom's label production

How quickly do you need them? We will work with you to under-
stand and fulfill your business needs. Factors include creation of
your pricing data and in-store execution of price changes. Our
goal is to establish a seamless, reliable supply chain of labels,
shipped to your distribution centers or directly to each store from

How does Vestcom protect the integrity of our company

As the leading supplier of shelf labels to retailers throughout
North America, our contracts, data network, production and
delivery systems are built to protect the confidentiality and integ-
rity of all your sensitive data.

Is Vestcom a financially sound company?
In a word, yes. Vestcom is a profitable, and growing, privately held company with solid and significant financial equity Partners.

What are the advantages of outsourcing labels compared to
printing in-store?

For various reasons, most of our customers do some printing
in-store, although the bulk is outsourced. The main advantages
to outsourcing are:

Lower cost per label

Highest quality, state-of-the-art digital print output

Problem-free, easy to apply, adhesive strip

Sequenced and printed in-aisle and planogram sequence

Store personnel can focus on selling products and stocking shelves rather than producing labels

A single point of accountability and consistency for labels

What are Vestcom's color digital printing capabilities?
We operate one of the largest digital color printing operations in
the U.S., deploying several color printing platforms in both con-
tinuous and cut-sheet formats. Production quality is outstanding
and your creative options are limitless.

What is an Integrated Shopper Marketing Ads (ISMAds)?
A Vestcom innovation that is now an industry standard, ISMAds®
are full-color advertisements at the shelf level. They are
used by leading Consumer Packaged Goods companies and
major grocery retailers as a cost-effective advertising medium.
They are a powerful way to capture customers' attention at the
point of purchase, where 66% of buying decisions are made.

What is a Unit Price Label (UPL)?
First created by Vestcom in the 1970s, UPLs communicate pri-
cing information, unit cost, and present a clean UPC bar code for
accurate, first time scans. They are placed in the shelf track just
below the product.

What is a Shelf Talker?
A Shelf Talker is a UPL with a "bib" that hangs down below the
shelf. The bib includes store-branded promotional information
that provides consumers with product information and sale pric-
ing data.

What is are shelfStrips?
Vestcom shelfStrips® combine planogram information with pric-
ing data, offering significant labor savings for new store and
category resets. As needed, full-color images of the products on
the shelfStrips make it fast and easy for store personnel to place
products exactly where they belong. They are commonly pro-
duced in 4' strips, but come in 3' and 2' lengths as well.

What are Vestcom's hours of operation?
Corporate Office hours are 7:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. Monday
through Friday.
Production facilities typically run around the clock, seven days a