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More than 25 years ago, the retail technology industry changed forever
with the arrival of Electronic Imaging Services (EIS). EIS revolu-
tionized pricing information on the edges of grocery store
shelves throughout the country by creating shelf labels for the
Universal Product Codes (UPCs) and shipping them directly to
stores in planogram order.

Founded by a young entrepreneur, Steve Bardwell, the
company’s cutting-edge Universal Price Label (UPL) technology
resonated with retail chains eager to reduce costs and increase
margins at the dawn of computerized pricing.

A “game changer” in the industry
Now thanks to the in-store marketing services company, later
renamed Vestcom, retail shelf edges across the nation are as
beautiful as they are functional.

Vestcom produces a full range of in-store shelf-edge com-
munications in ten facilities, strategically-located to produce and
ship labels and signage quickly to any store in the country. Pro-
prietary digital technology enables Vestcom to customize entire
Integrated Shopper Marketing (ISM) programs – as well as
individual campaigns – throughout any store for nearly 75% of
all of the nation’s leading retailers and brand manufacturers.
These innovative marketing programs are known for their break-
through technology, creative use of space, and peerless execu-
tion in store.

vestcom history

What makes Vestcom different?
Technology expertise and evolution: Vestcom regularly exam-
ines the ever-changing retail climate and designs solutions
based on changes in the way people shop. Each customized
data solution is designed to increase sales while decreasing

Inspiration and innovation spring from years of carefully-tended
partnerships, consistently updated shopper marketing expertise,
and decades of hard-won experience. Shelf edge communica-
tions are seamlessly integrated into current advertising and
promotion campaigns, circular listings, and brand awareness

shelfStripsIn 2003 Vestcom became the first retail
solutions company to create, produce,
and successfully deploy shelfStrips®
throughout the entire chain of a major
mass marketer. Since then, shelfStrips
which save as much as 30% in new store in shelf stocking time – have become the standard set and pricing shelf-edge tool for new store openings and restocking programs.

ISMAdsshelfStrips were followed closely by the
shelf edge marketing breakthrough, Inte-
grated Shopper Marketing Ads (ISMAds)®, a
unique tool for consumer packaged goods
(CPG) manufacturers as well as retailers.
ISMAds increase sales throughout the store by
marrying price and promotional information
directly on the shelf edge. Third-party testing
has shown an average of 32% in increased
sales – ranging as high as 61%.

ISMAdsThe recent introduction of healthyAisles®,
Vestcom’s data-driven health and wellness
program, based on FDA guidelines, targets
health and earth-conscious shoppers by
helping them quickly locate products
segmented by nutritional makeup. A
comprehensive list of a product’s specific
nutritional attributes – including Gluten-
Free, Low Sodium, Heart Health Support – are clearly identified
at the shelf edge.

This year’s breakthrough introduction of pegAssist®, Vestcom’s
newest solution set, cuts labor-intensive pegboard set-up time in
half. In addition to comprehensive operational savings,
pegAssist also brands and beautifies what has traditionally been
an in-store problem area. pegAssist now increases the selling
power of peg hook areas, while decreasing the set up costs.

Every year, Vestcom continues to innovate and create unique
Integrated Shopper Marketing solutions by maximizing the power of
the retailer’s hardest-working real estate: The shelf edge.