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Our Mission, Values and Vision

Our Mission

We exist to help our customers succeed by
creating shelf-edge marketing programs
that do a superior job of engaging shop-
pers, generating sales and streamlining
operations. We are a source of tangible
value and competitive advantage for retail-
ers by providing:

affordably priced programs that reduce
operating costs;

time savings in shelf setting and restock
ing that let our customers shift labor to
higher-value activities;

compelling marketing approaches at the
most critical point of decision - the

When retailers want to sell more product
and spend less doing it, they'll find the
expertise and products they need right here
– at Vestcom.

Our Values

We believe that how we work is every bit as
important as what we work on. So as we
go about the business of creating compel-
ling shelf-edge campaigns, we're focused
not just on our products, but on the values
that guide every decision we make, and
every action we take.

Whether colleague or customer, you can
expect us to always:

strive to treat every individual with
respect, fairness and concern

approach every task – big or small –
with energy and absolute integrity

maintain a "seize the shelf" attitude that
inspires the fresh ideas our customers
need to prosper in a fast-changing, intensely competitive world.

operate with accuracy and efficiency
today, yet continually anticipate and
prepare for tomorrow

foster an "everyone wins" environment
where creative thinking, meticulous
effort and open communication result in
quality products and impressive returns
for our customers and for us.

Our Vision

Our vision is to always be what we've been
throughout our 25-year history: The source
of the next break-through idea (and the
next, and the next) in shelf-edge marketing.

We'll stay sharply focused on understand-
ing and anticipating shifting market forces.
And we'll use our insights to create the
innovative shelf-edge marketing programs
our customers need to succeed as the retail
climate inevitably changes.

In our day-to-day operations, we'll empha-
size what we've consistently been best at
for the past quarter-century – big thinking
about tiny details. We'll build on our techni-
cal knowledge and operational experience
to deliver the most ingenious and effective
shelf edge programs with unrivaled speed,
accuracy and ease. All of which means our
customers can count on us to help them
sell more and spend less – today, tomor-
row, always.