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Benefits of the Vestcom Outsource Model
Every retailer knows the challenges of producing labels. We can help.

After decades of solving retail challenges, we know how to maxi-
mize the marketing power of the shelf edge more quickly and
less expensively than most retailers - especially if you're run-
ning your communications programs in-house. The added value,
of course, is that we free you up to concentrate on what you do
best: running your retail business.

We process over 150 million transactions per week, and enjoy
an industry acknowledgement as the best-in-class retail shelf-
edge marketing company, a reputation that gains strength with
each new shelf-edge solution breakthrough.

Vestcom's expertise in data management and integration –
coupled with our unparalleled digital print capabilities – allows
Vestcom to provide solutions that both reduce costs and grow
sales for retail clients.

With 10 facilities across the country, Vestcom is able to reduce
shipping time and costs, which allows for shorter lead times for
our clients. In addition, the built-in redundancy means there's
always back-up to get the job done.

Grow sales, shrink costs…
And you give up nothing to get it all!

Operational Benefits:

Reduce waste at store level by as much as 50%

Reduce labor costs for price changes

Reduce the need for reprints while offering in-store print

Grow sales by an average of 32% in test vs. control for digital
color ISMAds

Enhance the shopping experience through variable, custom

Vestcom can replicate in-house or in-store print shop
functions, creating cost savings

Improve Consistency and Compliance at Shelf
Instituting a digital, outsourced program through Vestcom will
improve at-shelf compliance for labels to an average of 95%.
By creating a new label each time the price is changed, there's
no guesswork for whether or not a label should be put up.

And because labels are printed in planogram order, using your
data, labor is reduced by approximately 20 minutes per 100
based on our research and client feedback. In-store print-
ing is still available for replacement tags.

Net Benefits for customers
Through Vestcom, our customers can institute an industry-
leading shelf edge program that:

Reduces labor

Cuts material cost

Provides shorter lead time for price changes

Allows in-store printing as needed

Improved label consistency

Better experience for the shopper

How to start…
Clients provide price and product data to Vestcom (including planogram information) to their Vestcom Customer Service Rep-
resentatives. Vestcom in-house artists work with you to mirror
your tag types and/or design new templates. Then every week
Vestcom prints and sends weekly price change labels to your
stores in planogram order.

Once digital color outsourcing is established throughout your
network, Vestcom works with you and your marketing depart-
ment to help create and implement expanded - and cost-
effective- Integrated Shopper Marketing (ISM) solutions
which help strengthen your brand, boost your sales, reduce your
operating costs … and enhance the shopping experience.

Let us show you how we can help you. Call us today or send us
an email and let us show you why one of our famous clients says,
"For every $3.00 I spend with Vestcom, I save $10.00!".