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Quit counting peg holes - forever! Choose pegAssist and the only thing you'll be counting is your profits.

How pegAssist® drives up sales

Shoppers Easily Find What They're Looking For!
A positive store impression leads to a positive customer experience.
And that means increased sales for you. Your customers will love
pegAsslst's clean, pristine product backdrop. pegAssist hides worn,
jumbled-looking and unsightly peg areas, and peg holes as well. Your
aisles are visually polished because pegAssist enhances your displays
with custom digital color graphics.

Custom-designed for you.
You can even take pegAssist a step further – using custom-designed
backgrounds to differentiate your store's identity. Its easy and affordable
to create a 'sense of place' for each category, decorate for the season,
or call attention to an exciting new product.

How pegAssist drives down costs

Cut Set Time In Half!
pegAssist completely eliminates measuring and counting peg display
holes – because pegAssist combines your planogram, product images,
and UPC codes along with the exact location of each peg hook and
product on your planogram.

That means your staff will set peg hook displays in minutes, not hours.
(Independent tests show time savings of at least 1 full minute for each
placed peg hook!) Overall, our customers report that they've cut set time
in half – providing a huge improvement in aisle recovery time. (Not to
mention how your staff is freed up to better serve your customers!)

Peg displays don't have to be tedious, time consuming and unattractive.

Installation is simple, because every pegAssist background sheet is designed for your
specific planogram, store layout, and local regulations and codes.

before and after

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Count on pegAssist from Vestcom to set you free from tedious, time-consuming peg displays.
Give us a call or send us an email today and we'll show you how.

pegAssistpegAssist: your planogram, product images and UPC
codes combined with ready-to-set backgrounds that look
terrific – and cut set time in half!