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Grab Attention. Grab Interest.

Whether it's a promotion, a new item or a private label product
comparison against a national brand, Vestcom Digital Color
Shelf Talkers are efficient tools to run promotions at the shelf

Color graphics, text and photos on the hanging bib support your
promotion strategies and reduce labor costs by eliminating the
need to print and hang replacement labels at the end of a pro-
motion. When your promotion expires, simply detach the label
bib with an easy tear along the perforation. Your standard Unit
Price Label remains in place.

All Vestcom solutions were created with your cost savings
in mind:

As with all our solutions, we work with your store operations
team to understand the design and layout that works best for
your stores. Then we sort labels by planogram, aisle, and cat-
egory – and ship them to you — in that order. Your associates
simply open the box and place Vestcom Digital Color Shelf Talk-
ers in planogram order as they move down the aisle.

Reduced costs. Increased sales. Improved productivity. And a
more efficient and effective pricing maintenance team.

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