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Shelf-edge strips aren't new. But what we do with them is... Some shelf edge solutions drive more sales. Others drive down costs. When you use shelfStrips, you accomplish both.

How shelfStrips® generate revenue

While shelfStrips are a valuable time-and cost-saving tool, they're also
one of the most effective selling tools in your store. By adding relevant,
persuasive messages and bold imagery, you can capture your shop-
pers' attention – and a larger share of their wallet.

shelfStrips in actionWhat's more, shelfStrips are a powerful tool
for showcasing brands at the shelf edge
– so you can profit from the lucrative
incentives that brands and retailers offer for
shelf-edge promotion.

How shelfStrips save you money

Simply put, shelfStrips are shelf-edge digital color planogram strips for
setting shelves. We merge pricing info with planogram data to produce
strips that show exact product placement on your shelves. When you
use shelfStrips, you can expect to:

reduce shelf set time as much as 50%

combine stocking and pricing in a single efficient step

ensure pricing accuracy and planogram integrity

recognize and replace out-of-stocks faster and more efficiently

The upshot: Your staff spends less time stocking shelves - yet your
shelves are better organized, easier to maintain, and more appealing
than ever. At last, cost control has met its perfect partner in shelfStrips.

We do what works best for you

Unlike others, we're not a cookie cutter company. Quite the opposite, in fact. Major national retailers
choose us because we create solutions customized to fit your shelves, suit the way you work,
and support your marketing goals.


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Choose from several different styles of shelfStrips, including:

  • Image strips. Combine pricing with sharp, full-color images so stockers can instantly see which products to stock. (No laborious abbreviation translation required.)
  • Planogram strips. Use them as a "planogram road map" on the shelf. Just affix them to the bottom of the shelf while you reset stock... and toss them out when you're finished.
  • ISM strips. Connect your external marketing efforts to the shelf edge and watch sales soar.

shelfStrips: technical ingenuity lets you maximize the basket size, minimize the costs. Give us a call or send us an email today and we'll show you how.


shelfStrips combine planogram data, pricing info and bold, full-color imagery.
Combine them with ISMAds and kameleon to transform the shelf edge into the
most compelling selling tool in your store.