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Vestcom Pioneered the Unit Price Label.

Digital Color UPLs Communicate Price and Product Infor-
mation, Delivered to You in Planogram Order.

Today, Vestcom's UPL is the industry standard, enabling retail-
ers to clearly display retail price, unit cost and special pricing at
the point of purchase. Your store branding and colors are inte-
grated into the design of your labels, available in paper laminate
or vinyl. We'll recommend the best solution for your particular

Innovative die designs and programming options.
Vestcom applies a 5/8-inch strip of adhesive to the back of your
Unit Price Labels -- reducing materials and taking advantage of
new digital color printing techniques - to lower your label costs
and save store labor hours. At the same time, we can also cus-
tomize the look of your labels to enhance your unique brand
throughout the store.

To reduce price maintenance labor costs even further, our
proven designs streamline the ease and speed for application,
removal and repositioning of shelf labels. We can work with your
store operations team to establish an efficient design and layout
that works best for your stores.

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