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Vestcom leverages proprietary technology and programming
resources across many retailers to give you cost-effective,
expert support, streamlined to your specifications.

Little Rock, AR-based Vestcom operates 10 facilities in the U.S.
serving more than 70% of retail food, drug, and mass mer-
chants. Those strategically-placed facilities enable us to reduce
shipping time and costs, allowing shorter lead times for our
clients. In addition, the built-in redundancy gives us access to
immediate back-up, ensuring the job gets done. Completing
over 160 million transactions per week, we have a reputation in
the retail industry as a fast, accurate, best-in-class partner.

Our expertise in data management and integration – coupled with our unparalleled digital print capabilities – allows Vestcom to provide solutions that both reduce costs and grow sales for our retail clients.

Vestcom guarantees – in writing – that we will meet your

Our exclusive Service Level Agreement (SLA) stipulates clearly
that we will deliver what you need, when you need it – and it
details the clear responsibilities of each team member as we
build our solutions around your business rules and require-
ments. We never ask you to build your requirements around our

Consider us an extension of your team:

Vestcom will help you evaluate your business requirements and
internal costs to help you save money. When you add Vestcom
to your store operations team, you get the best of all worlds…

Outsourcing: Often the most cost-effective step you can take for your enterprise.

Digital Color UPLs: Your brand, your look. Delivered in full color, in planogram order.

shelfStrips®: The easy way to maintain planogram integrity while adding color, promotion, and images to your shelf edge.

pegAssist®: Cut peg area set time in half while adding the appeal of background color.

kameleon®: Get the financial and technological benefits of outsourcing and, if you choose, combine it with the convenience of in-store printing.

healthyAisles®: Add an FDA-based nutritional program and targeted content to your shelves.

ISMAds®: Proven to boost sales an average of 32% while increasing the power of your circular.

adSigns®: Any size, any substrate, more quickly and affordable than you might expect.

Additional shelf-edge solutions: We have a working solution for every challenge… or we can create one for you alone.

Supplies: Vestcom produces the broadest array of vinyl and paper-based shelf-edge label products in the industry.


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